Far From the Tree Parents, Children, and the search for Identity 1-13

Identity by
Vertical – nature, parents
Horizontal – nurture, different from parents
‘V’ = fillial
‘H’ = flaws if viewed that way
Diyslexia -can be temporarally won over
Gay – biggr social problem
Freedom to do what u want = choose ‘H’
is ‘H’ a flaw or something a part of you
But is both at the same time
Deaf community and sign language or over compensate with lip reading classes

Jyut6 Ping3


b p m f baa1 paa1 maa faa1
/p/ /pʰ/ /m/ /f/ spread open fear mom flower

d t n l daa2 taa1 naa4/5 laa1
/t/ /tʰ/ /n/ /l/ hit him that paricle le

g k ng h gaa1 kaa1 ngaa4 haa1
/k/ /kʰ/ /ŋ/ /h/ family block tooth shrimp

gw kw w gwaa1 kwaa1 wa1
/kʷ/ /kʷʰ/ /w/ melon overstate frog

z c s j zaa1 cha1 saa1 jaa5
/ts/ /tsʰ/ /s/ /j/ residue fork sandy (particle)


aa aai aau aam aan aang aap aat aak saa1 saai1 saau1 saam1 saan1 haang saap3 saat3 haak3
/aː/ /aːi/ /aːu/ /aːm/ /aːn/ /aːŋ/ /aːp/ /aːt/ /aːk/ sandy move tip three mountain hollow surplus brake guest

ai au am an ang ap at ak sai1 sau1 sam1 san1 sang1 sap1 sat1 sak1
/ɐi/ /ɐu/ /ɐm/ /ɐn/ /ɐŋ/ /ɐp/ /ɐt/ /ɐk/ west receive heart new sheng(reed) wet lose,miss stopper,stuff



e ei eu em eng ep ek se1 sei3 deu3 lem?? zeng6 gep3 sek6
/ɛː/ /ei/ /ɛːu/ /ɛːm/ /ɛːŋ/ /ɛːp/ /ɛːk/ some,few four fall, drop lick zeng750bc clamp rock





i iu im in ing ip it ik si1 siu1 sim2 sin1 sing1 sip3 siy3 sik1
/iː/ /iːu/ /iːm/ /iːn/ /ɪŋ/ /iːp/ /iːt/ /ɪk/ peotry dissapear flash earlier,before star absorb leak know

o oi ou on ong ot ok so1 hoi1 sou1 hon3 hong1 hot3 sok3
/ɔː/ /ɔːi/ /ou/ /ɔːn/ /ɔːŋ/ /ɔːt/ /ɔːk/ sparse open perilla look health drink search





u ui un ung ut uk fu1 fui1 fun sung1 fut3 suk3
/uː/ /uːi/ /uːn/ /ʊŋ/ /uːt/ /ʊk/ husband ash wide loose wide,vast /ʊk/





oe eoi eon oeng eot oek goe3 seoi1 seon1 soeng1 seot1 soek3
/œː/ /ɵy/ /ɵn/ /œːŋ/ /ɵt/ /œːk/ saw,cut need,want ask discuss fumble,fall pare





yu yun yut syu1 syun1 syut3
/yː/ /yːn/ /yːt/ book grandson snow









m ng m4 ng4 ngo5
/m̩/ /ŋ̩/ not, no 220ad “I”